November 2, 2019

To all my my fans,

Thank you, I love you my beautiful amazing niece XOX

I am honored that you like Agenda 22. Special thanks to UK, Canada, Spain, Norway, New Zealand and of course the good ole USA. Since I am a brand new author this is a new and exciting journey for me. I have three more books I want to write.

Amazon has only one book left but they have ordered more. Agenda 22 is still available on the Barnes and Noble website, Kindle, Google play, and Ibooks.

I was interviewed by by Cinema Scope, 101.1 FM in Santa Fe/Taos, on October 4th 2019. Big thank you to host Stu Goswick and producer Linda MCDill. It was my very first experience on radio so it was a bit nerve wracking. 

Thank you, Deswood Tome, publisher, writer, from the Navajo Nation

I am in the process of organizing a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Albuquerque. I will let everyone know when I get a confirmation date.

Thank you, Lyle Sandavol, actor, father, philosopher..

Is Agenda 22 just a story, or a dark glimpse into our future… you decide.

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